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June 16-19, 2015

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September 28-30, 2015

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Shrink Labeling, Shrink Sleeving and Tamper-Evident Banding

Marburg Industries’ Heat Shrink Tunnel Machine
For 30 years, Marburg has been the industry leader in shrink labeling. Today, shrink labeling is one of the most widely used labeling systems in a huge variety of industries. From food packaging companies to cosmetic companies, businesses in industries across the board are taking advantage of this inexpensive, quick, and safe method of sealing jars, bottles, and containers.   MORE...

Decorative Labeling
Marburg’s shrink label applicators have proven to be some of the most efficient and effective ways to apply shrink labeling to products. Their machines cut costs and increase productivity by mechanically attaching plastic labels to products in containers of many different sizes and shapes. The products are then sent through a tunnel that uses radiant heat to shrink the labels, sealing them firmly around the package.   MORE...

Why Marburg Industries Is The Leader In Compact Shrink Band Applicators
For over 30 years Marburg Industries has strived to be the leader in decorative labeling and banding. Throughout three decades many companies, from cosmetic to pharmaceutical, have relied on the efficiency and cutting edge technology that come from the shrink-band machines from Marburg Industries.   MORE...

Why Marburg Industries Leads The Industry In Decorative Labeling
For over 30 years Marburg Industries has strived to be the leader in decorative labeling and banding applicators. Many markets, from cosmetic to snack foods, have relied on the efficient and cost effective banding machines that come from Marburg Industries.   MORE...

Why The DeliBander Is Your One Stop Shrink Banding Machine
Versatility has been one of the key factors that has kept Marburg Industries ahead of the competition for 30 years. From the compact shrink band applicator with a small heat shrink tunnel to full body banding machines, Marburg Industries has a machine to fit your product and budget.   MORE...

PackExpo 2009

Photos from ExpoPack 2009
Marburg Industries sported new graphics and displayed
the latest equipment in Las Vegas

PackExpo 2009 PackExpo 2009

PackExpo 2009

Photos from PackExpo 2009
Mexico City, Mexico

Barbara Paschal, president, and Carlos Bentancourt, General Manager, man the Marburg booth on casual Friday.

Management staff of Grupo Empac, a Mexico-based distributor of Marburg packaging machinery.

Pablo and David from DistPAC, another Mexico-based distributor of Marburg packaging machinery.

PackExpo 2009 PackExpo 2009

Pack West Show 2010

Photos from Pack West Show 2009
Anaheim, CA

Gary Tantimonico, Vice President of PDC International demonstrates equipment at the Pack West Show in Anaheim, February 2010.

Barbara Paschal and Carlos Bentancourt of Marburg Industries flank Bob Purciello, Service Manager of PDC International at the PDC booth.

Barbara and Brad Smith, presiden of Modular Packaging, visit at the show.

Pack West Show 2010 Pack West Show 2010