Marburg Industries
1207 Activity Drive
Vista, CA 92081

Phone: 760.727.3762
Fax: 760.727.5502

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A Business Built on Partnering with Customers
30+ years of experience in building and customizing machines.

We customize machines to suit your needs.

Some manufacturers have a "one size fits all" policy and refuse to make modifications. We think customers should have a machine built to fit their needs. Your company and products are unique and that's why we're happy to fill all reasonable customer requests.

Send us a sample for a free packaging test.

Perhaps you have an unusual or special container. Send us a few samples and we'll run a test to see how we can configure a machine to run it for you. Perhaps we can help you reduce production costs and improve productivity at the same time. And the best part is that there's absolutely no obligation and no charge for the test run. Call Barbara Paschal now for complete details at (760) 727-3762.

Still not sure? Hear what a few of our satisfied customers have to say...

"We’ve had Marburg equipment for years and it works great. The machines are exceptionally dependable. You can really call them ‘plug and play’. With most other machines, you can’t say that."

Skip Compton
Allegro Fine Foods

"The Marburg machine is much more dependable than other machines we have. It’s incredible. It’s simple to operate and it just runs. We fill and package over 125 different tablets and run the packaging room with just two people. Dependability is crucial and we count on those machines."

Mike Toddoni
Heal USA

"As far as cost and quality of machines, Marburg is hard to beat. Switch-overs are simple and easy. We rarely have maintenance problems and when we do they’re great with helping us solve our problems. They’ve taken good care of us."

YS Royal Jelley

"We have 5 Marburg machines and one other brand which was hard to set up and operate. The M500 is easy to set up and operate. It’s got a 5-10 minute changeover and that saves us a lot of time. I haven’t been able to outgrow the machines. They keep up with whatever I’ve got."

Al Nugent
Peppers Unlimited

"We’re a contract pharmaceutical manufacturer and we run a lot of machines. We have four shrink-banding machines and they’re all Marburg because they’re so reliable. And they’re very, very easy to operate."

Brad Stone
Dennison Labs

"We’re a manufacturer of vitamin supplements. We have 3 Marburg machines and we’ve been very happy with them. They’re sort of bulletproof workhorses that just keep going… I asked around before I bought equipment and everyone said that Marburg was the way to go. I’m glad I took the advice because I haven’t been disappointed."

Stu Wheelwright
Systemic Formulas